Kosen History, in English

Kosen started learning basic calligraphy at the age of 6. She used to take private classes in her town; Hashimoto, Wakayama prefecture.

When she was in junior high, Kosen went to Tokyo to take part in one of the biggest competitions of calligraphy in Japan.
At that time, she thought there were less elementary school student having a mission to carry out rather with a blush.

At the same time, her master took her to Haneda international airport which is the sky gate to the world.

She could be felt closely to the world and that experience made a deep impression on her; an girl from country side.
Then, the fact led her artwork to the world.

On the other hand, Kosen cleared the preliminaries in one of the biggest competitions at Budokan in Tokyo.

She had continued to practice without her master.
She thought she couldn’t kept on drawing without the master’s praise that she was doing well by herself.

Her life changed, sparked by meeting her master.

She was given Kosen as a pseudonym, then became a calligraphy master when she was is the first grade of high school.

Kosen’s artwork to the world

One of her dreams she wanted to come true was training the young.

It was because of the experience of her career started with a private lesson in such a small town.
She strongly hope for taking over ticket to the future from her master to the young.

When she was high school student, her master was moving out her town to Yokohama.

From that time on, ancient writing and calligraphy became her “master” and she improve her skill by herself.

Once a year, Kosen studies under Tenshu Koyama and Rankei Maruyama.

She always go to Tokyo with a sense of mission to bring back her new subjects and a lot of documents as possible as she can carry.

She jumps into air plane whenever there are ancient writing exhibitions in Tokyo.

Then she has started doubt about the orthodox way to express calligraphy as she held exhibitions over and over.

In those days, Kosen met a women who saw Kosen’s award-winning artwork at Budokan. Her name is Ms. Midori Naranjo from Guam, US.

She was the first person to support Kosen’s calligraphy art and holding exhibition in Guam.
Overseas expanding of her artworks started ever since that day.

The first exhibition in a basic way of writing started off in Guam and connected to Oregon.

She was given an opportunity to give an speech at Oregon university from Mrs. Taeko Higgins, who lives in Eugene, Oregon.

On the way back from Eugene, she got to know Ms.Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert, a master of painting at a boarding gate in San Francisco airport.
The master led her to start off creative way to express calligraphy.

Kosen instantly felt an extraordinarily dignity from her inside.
Unexpectedly, their seats were side by side.

after two years, the master visited Kosen in Wakayama.
Kosen cannot express how much she learned from her.

What is art.
Who is an artist.
The attitude as an artist the master taught her.
All of them made Kosen get the hang of her art style .
The day Kosen first got reached out by the master was the anniversary of her dearest mother’s death.

Development of art works

From the day Kosen met Ms. Gilbert, she have had chances to meet inspiring people as she started to make creative calligraphy art, yet the base is on traditional style.

Art works develop through encounters

As a calligrapher, I pursue more about ink, papers and brushes.

Kobaien for ink
Tanitokuseishisyo for national treasure・Najio papers
Tanishotokuen・for Edo brushes

Thanks to the support I get from the companies, I am able to continue creating

I would like to mark that Kosen is supported by many precious people to keep creating art pieces.
Categories of works

Kosen takes advantages of the tools to creat feathering, contours and layers, and she categorizes her art works into the following three styles.

Writings of nature
Spiritual art pieces
Art of development and design

Also, the world heritage, Mt. Koya where Kosen lives near by, is a great inspiration.
The land scape, fog over the Kinokawa river, soft and spiritual atmosphere, and sometimes rage of nature give Kosen inspiration to express in different ways.

Kosen Kanamori